As stated in her manifesto/ policy Safiya will only carry out work in accordance with her principles and preferred business decorum. 


Dedicated to empowering others Safiya’s heartfelt and nurturing workshops have encouraged many people to find confidence in their craft. Safiya has facilitated workshops in a variety of organisations including: women’s refuges, libraries, primary and secondary schools and a correctional facility. All school workshops can be crafted around the current syllabus and implemented into various subjects.


Specialised workshops include:

- Performance Poetry 

- Slam 
- Online Readings 
- Public Speaking 
- Body Awareness On Stage



Truly devoted to her craft Safiya consistently exceeds expectations by paying close attention to clients' needs while staying true to her character. She has carried out commissions for: BBC Bitesize, mental health charities, architecture projects, film screenings, funerals and wedding vows. 


From special occasions to unique events commissions may also include the following:


- Birthday parties

- Sporting Events 

- Museum/ Art Gallery Exhibitions

- Memorials 

- National Holidays 
- Fashion Shows

Dance and Choreography

Safiya has over 10 years of dance experience. Her intense attention to detail and ability to adapt work quickly to suit the environment has led her to working for a variety of organisations and artists including: The Original Wailers, Damian Marley, Nicola Roberts, Caribbean Fashion Week. 


Specialised genres include:


- Dunham Technique
- West African ("Traditional", modern, contemporary)

- British Caribbean (18th to 19th Century, contemporary) 

- Modern Contemporary European
- Krump
- 18th to 19th Century English 
- Tudor court 

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