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Safiya's professional, humble & caring attitude to her work has led to a series of highly successful commissions. Her unique approaches to writing & performance have gained her a highly regarded reputation for producing quality work.

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Bride and Groom


The Champion

Safiya is a national storytelling champion as well as a national poetry champion. Her performance style of combining dance and poetry simultaneously is an experience. Even without full dance routines, Safiya's delivery has been described as 'majestic', 'captivating' & 'powerful'. Notable venues include, the Southbank Centre, EA Festival & WOMAD.


Be Inspired

Safiya has taught & worked alongside an array of people and organisations including schools, prisons, culinary schools and museums. She also has specialist training in teaching people with autism, dyslexia & ADHD.

Topics include: poetry, writing with an embodied practice, public speaking & motivational talks.

CRB for working with children (available on request).


Yes, Wedding Vows

Declaring your love & sharing your story to friends & family can be one of the most daunting parts of the wedding. Without preparation, vows can be rushed, cringeworthy & poorly delivered. Safiya will not only help you write one of the most important speeches of your union, but she will help coach you to deliver your words with confidence. 

A 48 hour vow service is also available on request.  

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Technique/ Craft/ History

Safiya is now sharing notes from her ongoing research uniting dance & poetry to interrogate history with the Barbados Museum & Historical Society. This work is in-line with Safiya's first poetry collection to be published by Out-Spoken Press.

If talks are presented in person, Safiya will offer live demonstrations. 


WIndy Woman

Since winning The New Voice in Poetry Prize by Culture Recordings (2020) Safiya has been sharing her voice with various projects from albums to radio skits.

Safiya's accent is a rare Trans-Atlantic Barbadian English hybrid. 
Learned dialects: RP, Barbadian English, South East London.


Stronger Together

Safiya has collaborated with a variety of organisations to produce work which inspires, uplifts & motivates. 

Most life-changing commission: English Heritage led by Jacob Sam - La Rose

Easiest no: Skin - bleaching campaign

Cutest commission: Toddler superhero poetry 


Safiya was a CIA agent in her past life. After telling her the story about my wife and I, she explained my body language as I was speaking. Next thing I know we are working on a poem about how my wife talks with food in her mouth and the words start pouring out. I was trying to write for days before I worked with Safiya. On the big day my wife broke down half-way through, I'll never forget that moment. I honestly think she fell in love with me more. What Safiya does with words is what Ronaldo does with a ball. I have so much respect for poets. Hire her!

Milo, 37

Safiya made me feel happy. I really like writing and being autistic.

Charlotte, 8

Safiya is extraordinary. The best spoken word I have seen in a long time. Her writing sizzles with the same energy and nuance as her sensational performance.

Jemima Foxtrot, Poet, Playwright

Safiya offers a totally refreshing, dynamic and unique approach to performance poetry, effortlessly blending art forms and ambitiously breaking conventions. Creatively expressing stories and amplifying unheard narratives, her work challenges audience preconceptions through stunning movement art and arresting use of language that never fails to stun the crowds she performs for.

Danny Pandolfi, Founder/ Director of Raise The Bar

I believe Ms Kinshasa has a unique talent the world will embrace with great enthusiasm, one that is truly original, global, intelligent, full-hearted, fun, serious, inspiring, and spellbinding. I can easily see her developing into an international artist that Britain would be immensely proud of, even if a post-Brexit Britain may not deserve her.

Ted Dewan, Author/ Illustrator/ Producer, Creator of BBC’s Emmy Award Winning 'Bing'

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