In Conversation w/ Black Lives Matter Rally Key Speaker Safiya Kamaria Kinshasa

EDUCATING the public about their history was a key message from Thursday evening's Black Lives Matter rally in Trowbridge Town Park as hundreds gathered following the death in America of George Floyd a fortnight ago.

People from all ethnic backgrounds took part in the rally as those who took the microphone told the crowd why they had to speak out.

Trowbridge Nub News chatted with one of those keynote speakers, Safiya Kamaria Kinshasa, after the event who told us why it was being held in Trowbridge and what kids need to know among many other points.

Birdspeed completes remarkable HAT-TRICK of Poetry Prizes

Pascal van Liempt dives into the Bristol spoken word scene for an evening of open-mic and Birdspeed.

Val McDermid and Birdspeed among St Andrews poetry festival bill

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