• safiyakamaria

Happy Birthday To Me!: Top 10 Lessons I Learned This Year!

Updated: Dec 30, 2021

  1. Anger is as important as love & the presence of anger does not mean the absence of love.

  2. Other people's opinions of me do not define me.

  3. Comparing myself to others is the ultimate killer of productivity & joy.

  4. Rushing beautiful things stops those things from being beautiful.

  5. I can love myself greatly.

  6. I can let go of pain & mourn unapologetically.

  7. I can have 3 hour conversations with God without distraction.

  8. Being flexible with goals doesn't make them any less rewarding.

  9. Life will gift you with what you need to evolve.

  10. Relaxing & not trying to take control of everything is a courageous act.

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