The following has been made available so all parties wishing to engage with me on a professional level understand my principles and business decorum so there are no misunderstandings about my expectations and values. 

My artistic aspirations are to:


  • Be a positive role model and influence others to use art as a means of empowerment, reflection, education and bringing communities together.

  • Provide insightful, valuable, honest  and meaningful work (especially on themes which permeate my existence, place and interactions in/ with society) through a variety of artistic mediums. 

  • Create innovative contributions to poetry.

  • Facilitate, support and learn in nurturing and progressive environments.

  • Collaborate with people in the arts and across different fields to create original, interesting and inspiring work.

  • Maintain motivation, self - respect and love for myself and my artistry. 

My core values relating to art/ business:

  • Everyone has the right to contribute/ participate in the arts.

  • We should provide and maintain safe spaces and challenge spaces that potentially disrupt the well-being of others.

  • Without the contribution of a small component a gigantic structure can fall apart so we must always provide credit where credit is due and value good contributions no matter how small. 

  • Innovation should be embraced and practitioners should not be penalised for being imaginative and adventuring beyond the norm, so long as their work does not/ or seek to inflict physical or mental pain on others.

  • No goal is unreachable and everyone has the right to try. 

  • A strong work ethic.


In a working relationship together we will:

  • Respect each other’s values, opinions and all characteristics protected from discrimination under the Equality Act (2010) including: gender, race, age, orientation, disability, etc.  

  • Not take advantage (or exploit) each other’s labour: not expecting either party to work for free. 

  • Be considerate of each other’s goals.

  • Be patient and accommodating to each other’s work flow, ethic and practice. 

  • Value each other’s contributions to our chosen fields. 

  • Not put each other in vulnerable or uncomfortable positions.  If any such thing arises we will act accordingly and respectably. 

  • Abstain from using offensive language, slurs and statements.  This includes being mindful of hurtful stereotypes.

  • Be honest.

  • Respect each other's boundaries.